posted at 03:51
Author: Yohana Desta
7 Times Facebook Activity Got People Into Legal Trouble
British woman Roya Saberi Negad Nobakht, 47, was visiting Iran when she decided to post Facebook comments about the country's government, saying it was "Too Islamic." According to her husband, Daryoush Taghipoor, Nobakht was arrested by police as she touched down in Shiraz, for "Participation with intent to commit crime against national security" and "Insulting Islamic sanctities." What happens in your hospital, stays in your hospital - until someone posts your medical records on Facebook. Someone at the hospital decided to take a screenshot of her medical record and post it on Facebook. If you're a Prince fan, be careful of your Facebook activity. The Purple One found out his online fans had been sharing bootleg recordings with one another on fan sites and Facebook, and he was not pleased. Two of the named Facebook users run a Prince fan page. The company asked Facebook to remove the page, because it was using BET's intellectual property. Here's a thought: If you're going to burglarize a home, don't stop to check your Facebook profile on the home's computer.

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