posted at 03:51
Author: Kia Kokalitcheva
Mon, 30 Jun 2014 10:16:43 +0000
Anonymous messaging app Yik Yak grabs $10M to be the Twitter of your college campus
Started in late 2013 as a way for college students to find out about what's happening on their campus, Yik Yak is an iOS and Android app on which people can anonymously post thoughts and information, and see a feed of posts from people nearby. You might remember Yik Yak as the app at the center of a New York Magazine article about a Connecticut high school brought down to a halt because of the students' cyberbullying of their peers on the app. In short, students at a couple of schools used the freedom of anonymity to post vicious comments about each other, and the bullying became so severe that the school's administration had to step in and attempt to ban the app from campus. The result: Yik Yak has actually geofenced middle schools and high schools out of its app, making it unable to be used if someone attempts to use it while within the boundaries of a school. "We didn't approve of the way that they were using it. They weren't using it for what we built it for," he said. With all the gossip and drama we've seen from Secret and Whisper, it's hard to believe that while teenagers can't use the app for positive things, 19 year-olds in college are magically much more mature and can stick to clean uses. Yik Yak will use the new funding to keep polishing its app, and to grow its marketing and growth teams. Whisper is a free iOS and Android mobile app, and an associated paid online service, which allow users to send messages anonymously and receive replies.

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