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Author: AJ Marechal
Halt and Catch Fire Episode 5 Recap: Im Your Sledgehammer
Joe is pleased with Gordon's initiative, but quickly asserts his business know-how - his years of wining and dining executives shine brightly next to Gordon's inability to even pick a proper restaurant for the meeting. Joe has his secretary set up lunchtime drinks at Joe Sr.'s hotel, and though Joe drives to the venue, he doesn't go inside - instead, he peers through the hotel windows at his father who waits expectantly for his son with drink in hand. Later, steak dinner with the pair of Kuzoku execs seems to be going well for Joe and Gordon. In the bathroom, Gordon drunkenly takes a leak next to one of the Kuzoku execs and trash talks his father-in-law - the exec is turned off by Gordon's words, and by the end of the night the Japanese men have pulled out of the deal with Cardiff, leaving Joe fuming at Gordon. While Joe berates Gordon outside the steakhouse, Cameron stops by Joe's apartment to pick up her things - only to find Joe Sr. inside, waiting for his son. Joe Sr. discusses his son: how he bought him the baseball bat that Joe uses in his apartment during bouts of anger, how he taught Joe the proper swing. When Joe strolls into Gordon's office to demand an apology, Gordon refuses to offer one. He tells Joe that him throwing himself at the feet of his father-in-law while drunk and asking for help actually worked, and that the Kuzoku deal was salvaged before Joe even got to the hotel.

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