posted at 23:50
Author: Rob Wolpov, OnSIP
Tue, 01 Jul 2014 06:00:01 +0000
How WebRTC is changing the way we connect with businesses
Right there in your browser, you are quickly connected by video call with a support agent who greets you by name. What's more, you lift up the tablet and show her the crack on the video call. When you initiate communications via WebRTC, the data associated with who you are and what you're doing - your context - can be delivered right along with the call. The call can then be routed to the right person who is equipped with the right information to help. Why not start communicating right in the apps that we're using, rather than exiting to make a call on the siloed phone network where your context, other than your caller ID, is lost? With more efficient customer interactions and more data, businesses can optimize staffing and calling automation. In addition to the richer calling experience, WebRTC also provides cost savings for both the firm and their clients, who can click-to-call long distance, even internationally, without racking up a phone bill. When the company added one-click call support to its help desk portal, it noticed improved customer satisfaction and is considering further WebRTC implementations.

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