posted at 01:50
Author: Jordan Hoffman
Lets Talk About Transformers 4
If you've been to a movie theater lately you may have seen a striking and enormous three-dimensional "Standee." There is Optimus Prime, the Great Leader of Men and Robots Who Change Into Cars, valiantly holding aloft his sword and riding Grimlock, a Dinobot, into battle. At the two-hour and 15-minute mark Optimus Prime and his small posse of surviving Autobots realize that Lockdown and his gigantic, magnetized spaceship are just too powerful. So: Optimus returns to the part of the spacecraft that he and Hound stole from Lockdown. In it are imprisoned robots-in-disguise, including "The Mighty Warriors." The other Autobots think Optimus is nuts to free these guys, and take a step back. We never get their names, but longtime fans will recognize Grimlock, Strafe, Slug and Scorn Optimus Prime, in his deep, resonant tones, announces that they are free - that is, if they agree to fight on his side. There is a quick slugfest between Optimus and the Dinobots, and as the smackdown rages Optimus continues to spout platitudes about duty and honor. After the baddies are driven off, Optimus Prime delivers a number of wrap-up speeches. We'll see if Optimus is held to task for this in the sequel.

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