posted at 05:50
Author Name: Tony Manfred
Miguel Herrera Rips Mexico, Netherlands Ref
Mexico coach Miguel Herrera, who became a cult figure at this World Cup for his irresistible exuberance on the sidelines, ripped referee Pedro Proença after his team's controversial 2-1 loss to the Netherlands. The Dutch won after Arjen Robben was awarded a penalty in the 94th minute. Herrera says the referee single-handedly eliminated his team from the World Cup and he should be kicked out of the tournament. "In three of the four games, the refereeing has been disastrous,. In four games, three of them had tendentious refereeing. Against Cameroon we were denied two goals, there were two penalties in the same move [denied] against Croatia, and today he conditioned the game all the way through with favours [to Holland] and then he invented a penalty that was so big." As brutal as the penalty was, Mexico ultimately has itself to blame. El Tri took a 1-0 lead three minutes into the second half, and then played far too conservatively for the final 20 minutes or so. Mexico held a 1-0 lead in the 88th minute and managed to lose before extra time. While the call at the end was borderline, the referee isn't the reason they're going home.

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