posted at 20:00
Author: Karissa Bell
No, Facebook Home Isnt Dead
Much of the original engineering team that created Facebook Home, including product director Adam Mosseri, is no longer working on the Android launcher app, according to a report that called the app's future into question. CEO Mark Zuckerberg made headlines earlier this year when he confirmed Facebook would be releasing more standalone apps in the near future. For all of its attempts to unbundle, not every one of Facebook's standalone apps have been successful. Should Facebook really be spending its resources on Home? By all indications, the company hasn't given it much attention: Home was last updated in January, and Facebook has made little mention of the app this year - despite previous promises of future updates that would add new features. So why doesn't Facebook shut down Home for good? It wouldn't be the first time the company has shuttered an unpopular app. Facebook quietly killed Poke, its first attempt at a Snapchat-like app - and another flop - earlier this year. While Zuckerberg said Poke was never really intended to be a serious app, he had high hopes for Home. The app debuted at a special event in New York after reports suggested the social network was working on a dedicated Facebook phone.

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