posted at 06:50
Author Name: Steve Kovach
OnePlus One Invites
The OnePlus One.This weekend I wrote a review of the One, a smartphone made by a Chinese manufacturing startup called OnePlus. What's really cool is OnePlus sells all that for $300, or less than half the cost of an iPhone 5S, which starts at $649. The catch? Quantities are extremely limited, and you need an invitation before you can buy a One directly from OnePlus. Before you ask: no, I don't have any invitations to buy the OnePlus One. Still, I think the reader interest in the OnePlus One taps into something important. Smartphones have become cheap enough to make that some manufacturers are willing to sell them for next to nothing in order to gain rapid adoption and market share. We've already seen it with Xiaomi, another Chinese startup that makes high quality Android phones and sells them for just a few hundred bucks. Xiaomi sells more phones in China than Apple does. Apple and Samsung may be happy reaping the profits of the high end of the smartphone market, but there's still plenty of opportunity to court the billions of people left in the world who want to start using smartphones without spending too much.

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