posted at 05:51
Author Name: Colin Campbell
POLL: Majority Believe Hillary Clinton Can Relate To Average Americans
A new poll published Sunday found a majority of Americans are not holding Hillary Clinton's wealth gaffes against her. The Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Annenberg survey asked respondents whether Clinton "Can relate to and understand the problems of average Americans" as well as other potential presidential candidates, considering her "Position and economic circumstances." A slight majority - 55% - said Clinton can relate as well as the other candidates, but Clinton fares far better among her fellow Democrats, 86% of whom found her relatable. These positive ratings come despite Clinton's recent stumbles around the issue of her own wealth. Clinton, a reported multimillionaire, has tried to insist she was not "Truly well off" and attempted to claim she "Struggled" to buy multiple homes after she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, left the White House. Last week Clinton walked back those statements, calling them "Unartful," but stepped into another thorny debate when University of Las Vegas students rallied against her reported $225,000 speaking fee for the college's foundation. Clinton's team dismissed the criticism to Business Insider and highlighted the "Dozens" of free speeches she's given.

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