posted at 22:50
Author: Max Knoblauch
Say Meow to the Next Crop of Viral Animal Superstars
In the past, the only real way to spot the next big Internet-celebrity animal was to wait patiently for it to appear on your Facebook feed. Using a select group of lesser-trafficked subreddits and various algorithms you wouldn't understand, we've thrown out the old system and tracked down the next crop of famous Internet animals before they broke the threshold into what will surely be eternal celebrity status. Take a look at our picks for the next big animal celebrities and stay ahead of the cute animal trends. Seen here in her spacious, New Hampshire home, lounging hedgehog has all the tools to be the next great film critic. Equal parts curvy and farty, Oliver should be making his way to your Facebook feed within the next few months. He has all the tools - doge eyes, the ability to be stuck in things, a great attitude - it's only a matter of time before stuck-in-things dog gets stuck right in our collective Internet hearts. Making stupid faces while taking selfies is a huge trend amongst both youngsters and rabbits today. Get ready for streetwear dog to take over the Internet in late August.

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