posted at 18:50
Author Name: Joey Cosco
Surfboard From Beats Designers Forget Technology
Technology is a huge part of what the design firm Ammunition does. The San Francisco-based company does design work for tech giants like Adobe and Beats all the time, Wired reports, though now it's branching out. Thanks to Ammunition's spinoff brand Octovo, you can now pick up a travel-friendly surfboard made by the crew that designs the world's most popular headphones. The boards are part of a collaboration with surfer Jason Tilley that began in 2013, the company's blog says. The surfboards are certainly the most ambitious product Octovo has rolled out yet. Thus far the design team's products have included wallets, combs, phone cases, and bags, all things to make traveling easier. The surfboard represents a deeper step in their goal of connecting with the environment in ways other than just by touching a screen. In that way, Octovo is "The complete opposite on the spectrum of checking Twitter," Ammunition partner told Wired.

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