posted at 05:51
Author: Sylvan Lane
The Beginners Guide to Venmo
Venmo will not deposit money into your balance, nor withdraw money from your balance or charge your credit card without your approval. You can "Trust" certain, well, trustworthy friends on Venmo, which will automatically process any charges sent between you and said friend. If you're sending money through a credit card to another user, you'll be charged 3% of the money you send. You won't be charged for sending money from your Venmo balance, your bank account and most debit cards. From the app's homescreen, you'll be able to scroll through three continuously updating tickers of charges: one of charges happening near you, one of charges your friends made and one of all of your charges. The amount of money exchanged will be hidden, but you'll be able to see the memo attached to the payment and to whom the payment was sent. Don't want your friends keeping tabs on your transactions? Just make the payment or charge private, and no one will know any better. Any combination of money and friends can get contentious, and Venmo is no exception.

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