posted at 04:51
Author: Jordan Novet
Mon, 30 Jun 2014 11:30:30 +0000
The CoreOS revolution continues as the startup takes $8M
Last year some guys at a startup called CoreOS got a crazy idea: The time had come for a new server operating system. Well, investors believe in CoreOS' maniacal plans to help anyone run huge quantities of servers with ease, just like Google, Facebook, and other web companies. CoreOS could achieve something similar in server world. The company can automatically update all servers running the operating system. Containers are a trendy and increasingly widely adopted technology for packaging up application code and moving it from one server to another. With containers, there's no need to split a server up into individual virtual machines for running separate applications at the same time. Containers consume less server resources and can be more economical as a result. The point in both cases is to ensure all servers in a cluster keep track of the latest configuration information they need, so if certain servers fail, a live application won't collapse with it.

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