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Author: Businessweek
Walmart Promotes Women-Owned Businesses With New Product Logo
The new logo is the work of two nonprofits and Walmart, which will sell products from lingerie to salsa bearing the stamp starting in September. The retail giant pledged in 2011 to source $20 billion of goods from U.S. women-owned businesses by 2016. Her group, along with WEConnect International, certifies businesses seeking contracts earmarked for women-owned businesses. Lingerie brand Smart & Sexy and West Virginia-based Maggie's Salsa are among the women-owned businesses that plan to adopt the new logo. "I think there's a very strong business case for having the logo on a product," she says, citing research from Walmart that found 90% of female shoppers will seek out goods marketed by women-owned businesses. Customers look for logos proclaiming a product certified kosher, or free from genetically modified organisms. Is there a place for products from women-owned businesses in the catalog of products for values-driven shoppers? Unlike kosher or gluten-free, the designation doesn't tell you anything about the inherent qualities of the merchandise. Backing women-owned businesses is more akin to asking consumers to buy fair-trade goods or items made in the U.S. - a more abstract expression of values.

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