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Author Name: Alyson Shontell
Yik Yak raises $10 million
Yik Yak.Yik Yak, an anonymous gossip app that launched in November, has raised $10 million from DCM, Azure Capital Partners, Renren Lianhe Holdings and Tim Draper. Yik Yak posts, which are text-only and limited to 200 characters, can only be read by people in a 1.5 mile radius of the poster. Although the founders claim the majority of content on Yik Yak is positive, some messages are horrific. Like its anonymous predecessor Juicy Campus, Yik Yak has become known as a place for bullying and nasty comments without repercussions for the posters. "K. is a slut," one Connecticut high school student wrote on Yik Yak. One Silicon Valley investor told Business Insider that his firm had a discussion about apps like Yik Yak and opted not to invest in any of them. Another investor, Brenchmark's Bill Gurley, wonders how anonymous apps like Yik Yak, Secret or Whisper will make money. "Hopefully when we get passed all of that initially, people will realize Yik Yak is not just a place for gossip."

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