posted at 04:50
Author: Madeline Raynor
10 Dorm Room Accessories That Give You Some Privacy
These products can help maintain some privacy in shared rooms and living spaces. Split the room in half with a Shoji screen/room divider. Using curtains to divide a dorm room is tough, but not impossible. Trying to pin a curtain across the middle of room often fails, especially when avoiding any damage to the dorm walls. If you have the bottom bunk or a lofted bed, hang curtains on the bed rails. If your room is laid out with built-in niches, or is narrow enough, try hanging curtains with a long spring tension curtain rod. Curtains are also vital for windows on lower or ground floors, with the added bonus of making your room look a little less bland. Essential for doing homework in your room when you have loud neighbors or roommates.

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