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Author: The Daily Muse
3 Ways to Impress Colleagues When Youre the Youngest on the Team
Being the most junior member on a team is never an easy position, and it can be tough to gain trust and credibility when you're learning the ropes surrounded by more tenured colleagues. Here's how to gain the trust and respect of your colleagues and position yourself for success when you're the new kid. The more research you can do - even if it's anecdotal - the better off you'll be when it's time to impress your new team. First, dedicate time to reading through your company website, social media platforms and news releases, as well as industry-focused sites and publications, both before you start the job and in your regular weekly routine. Proactively ask if you can go to coffee or lunch with your new manager or others on the team - even before your official start date. When you're the new kid on campus, it's important to not only make a good first impression, but to keep making good impressions. On a less-traditional level, going the extra mile also means having a positive attitude, even when things are stressful and new, and being willing to jump into things that may extend beyond your typical job description. You don't have to be everything to everyone, but being a "Yes person" who is skilled at finding solutions is a tried and true way to build relationships and work effectively with others.

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