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5 Things All Small Businesses Must Know About Big Data
To help you make sense of what Big Data is all about and how it can aid you in making better business decisions, here are five of the most baffling things about Big Data demystified. "Big Data is a popular buzz word, but at the end of the day, data is simply data." "Companies, whether small or large, are collecting consumer data at an unprecedented rate, and the ability to integrate all of the different sources of data and shape it in a way that allows business leaders to make informed decisions is essentially at the heart of Big Data.". For the most part Big Data is essentially a means to leverage whatever data sources are available to create a big-picture view of customer behaviors and preferences to personalize experiences, Woo explained. "Companies don't have to invest millions and gather a lot of data to be successful with Big Data," Wilson said. "Even a small company can have Big Data," said Mark Herschberg, chief technology officer at Madison Logic, an intent and lead generation data solutions provider. Even if your data isn't big and you don't have all the resources that big companies do, you can still benefit from Big Data techniques to get insights into your business, customers or key performance indicators, he said. "We've seen too many movies in which a computer becomes sentient and tells us what we should be doing. Big Data still requires a person to frame the question, identify the data that might be able to answer the question, and interpret the results to choose an action."

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