posted at 19:50
Author: Jenni Ryall
Chaos as Water Main Break Causes Massive Flooding at UCLA
A broken water pipe has been wreaking havoc in Los Angeles, as knee-deep water and mud filled parts of Sunset Boulevard and the University of California, Los Angeles. Just before 4 p.m. PT on Tuesday afternoon, a water main ruptured in West Sunset Boulevard, near UCLA, creating a 15-foot sinkhole, and shooting water into the air. Television news reports show an immense geyser surging from the middle of the street on Sunset Boulevard. Streets on and near the campus flooded, and fast-moving sheets of water poured down the entrance of a parking structure and into campus athletic fields. People and cars became stranded in underground parking structures. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power spokesperson Michele Vargas said the water main that has been spewing water for two hours would take another two hours to shut off. City officials said the pipe that was laid down in 1921 carries water from a reservoir in the San Fernando Valley. The pipe flooded parts of the nearby UCLA campus, especially a pair of parking structures where three stranded drivers had to be saved.

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