posted at 18:50
Author: Anita Li
Deadmau5 Takes Rob Ford on a Coffee Run in His Nyan Cat Ferrari
TORONTO - Rob Ford and Deadmau5 went on a coffee run together, proving opposites really do attract. Deadmau5, a Canadian electronic musician based in the city, posted a YouTube clip of himself driving the embattled Toronto mayor around in his Nyan Cat-themed Ferrari. Among their conversational topics: the "Purrari," football, mayoral governance, traffic, the game of Risk and potholes on Toronto's roads. For most of the video, Ford and Deadmau5 get along swimmingly, with the mayor bursting out in occasional fits of laughter. At the drive-thru, Deadmau5 gets an "Extra-large double-double," while Ford orders an eye-popping "Five espressos in one cup." "That's cardiac arrest," Deadmau5 tells him in response. This does not reflect my political views, or views on anything really... *cep't for maybe my views on Toronto traffic, stupid ass drivers, stupid f*ckin potholes, and my caffeine intake or any other stupid sh*t that comes out of my mouth. Ford's appearance is part of a YouTube show created by Deadmau5, called Coffee Run, according to multiple reports.

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