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Author: Jenni Ryall
Digital Photo Montages Compare Australian Life in 1914 and 2014
SYDNEY - A collection of digital photo compositions compare Australian society in pre-war 1914 with life in fast-paced 2014. John Donegan, a photographer with 702 ABC in Sydney, created the stunning images, which show the stark contrast between old and new ways of life. For each photo, Donegan blended multiple digital colour images taken in 2014 with a single black-and-white image from a glass-plate negative taken around 1914. Men and woman dressed in 20th-century fashion walk alongside modern-styled business people. Highlight moments frozen in time, building development and road-transport advancements are clear. The horse and carts are replaced by bicycles and cars. Top hats and petticoats are replaced by mobile phones and sneakers. View the entire collection of digital Montages by John Donegan.

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