posted at 19:00
Author: Jessica Plautz
Gardens at the Louvre Museum Are Infested With Parisian Rats
It's a city of light, a city of love ... and a city of rats. Trash left by picnickers in the Louvre Museum's gardens have attracted hundreds of the pesky rodents. Some have grown so bold that they run onto the grass during the day; although foliage throughout the Tuileries Gardens provides cover for the rats, they still dart around openly. Dutch tourist Evelyne Delemarre, 31, let out a piercing scream on Tuesday when a rat scampered by her. Jean-Claude Ndzana Ekani, a museum employee who works with technicians from a pest-control company, said animal lovers have also helped the rats by giving them water, and digging up the poison meant to kill them. For now, tourists may have to get used to an occasional rat scampering around the garden. "We're doing everything we can. This is a recurring problem in all public gardens," Ndzana Ekani said. Given the size of the Louvre garden, "We can't eradicate them."

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