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Author Name: Kirsten Acuna
Guardians Of The Galaxy: End-Credits Scene Explained
All of a sudden a voice off screen asks, "What do you let him lick you like that for?" The camera then cuts to none other than Howard the Duck, a sci-fi creature from Marvel, who says "Gross" before sipping from his own bright green cup. After the scene the words, "Howard the Duck created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik" appear. Who's Howard the Duck and why is he in "Guardians of the Galaxy"? As we mentioned, Howard was a Marvel comic character first introduced in 1973, so he's fair game for Disney to use in one of its movies since acquiring Marvel for $4 billion in 2009. In 1986, Howard was the focus of a live-action Universal movie, "Howard the Duck," produced by George Lucas - yes, that George Lucas. Shortly after his creation in '73, Disney threatened Marvel with legal action claiming Howard the Duck's satirical design bore a striking resemblance to Donald Duck.Marvel. According to an archived Silver Bullet Comics interview - now known as Comics Bulletin - with Howard the Duck co-creator Stever Gerber, Marvel came to a bizarre deal with Disney that virtually allowed the Mouse House to redeisgn the character. Issues of "Howard the Duck" from January 1979 and January 1986, respectively.

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