posted at 03:51
Author: Yohana Desta
How to Not Go Broke When Buying Textbooks
The average textbook is far more expensive than a regular book. From repurposing used books to scouring the school library, you can always find ways to save money. You finished your first semester - now what do you do with the books you'll never use again? If you rent everything, you won't have a problem. Plenty of school bookstores offer students the chance to rent a book instead of buying it, which is usually much more cost-effective. From finding used books, to renting everything, acquiring textbooks can be substantially easier on your wallet. Did you know students get Amazon Prime free for six months? Using your student email address provided by your college, you can get free two-day shipping on a number of items, snag exclusive deals and borrow free Kindle books. Earn back some of your money at the end of the semester by selling the books you didn't rent or buy as an e-book. Most school bookstores do, too, but they don't usually offer the best prices - so use them as a last resort for selling books back.

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