posted at 17:51
Author: Richard Byrne Reilly
Thu, 31 Jul 2014 00:39:09 +0000
Medialets tools mean mobile advertisers can track campaigns in real time
Mobile ad publishers looking to maximize campaigns - and dollars - may have a new friend in town. Mobile-attribution play Medialets, headquartered in Manhattan, unveiled a new set of tools today that enables publishers and advertisers to track how their ad campaigns are fairing across multiple mobile devices. The mobile ad attribution sector - where advertisers can see where their campaigns are receiving clicks and downloads - is getting crowded. For their part, Medialets competes with Google's Doubeclick, and, to a lesser degree, mobile analytics standout Tune and a host of others. Mobile was a $17 billion industry in 2013, and that number is expected to crest $35 billion by the time 2014 calls it quits, according to eMarketer. Litman claims Servo is the only software platform to connect view-throughs and clickthroughs across mobile apps and mobile browsers. "We are giving advertisers the understanding of how ads are performing. We are giving them the tools to understand how well their ad dollars are performing in mobile," the fast talking Litman said. "Measurement is everything. Mobile provides a digital footprint throughout the consumer journey, from intent to the ultimate engagement, whether that be a social share, video view, store visitation lift, purchase, or test drive. It is important to be able to demonstrate the role of mobile with confidence and conviction. Servo measures acquisition to retention and enables intelligent optimization to take place within a mobile campaign."

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