posted at 02:50
Author: Stan Schroeder
Samsungs New TV Can Become Curved at Will, Arrives to Korea August 1
In the last year or so, Samsung, LG and other TV manufacturers have placed big bets on curved TV sets which are, supposedly, more immersive than ones with regular, flat screens. However - if you have a big crowd watching TV, for example - the curved shape of the screen can be somewhat undesirable. This is where Samsung's new breed of UltraHD TVs come in: they can change their screen's shape from flat to curved and vice versa. We've seen an 85-inch one at this year's CES in January, but now Engadget reports that a smaller, 78-inch version is about to become available for pre-order on August 1 in Korea. It does its magic with the help of motors, which push the edges of the bendable screen outwards or retract them back in as needed. The model's name is UN78S9B, and it'll go for approx. Those outside of Korea who are really unsure whether they want a curved TV or not will have to wait a while longer, as nothing has been announced internationally yet. Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

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