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Author Name: Agence France Presse
Video Shows Isolated Amazonian Tribes First Contact With Outside World
The video shows indigenous people from the Panoan linguistic group carrying bows and wearing loin clothes making contact with the Ashaninka native people of northern Brazil along the banks of the Envira River, near the Peruvian border. Brazilian experts said the indigenous people likely crossed the border from Peru facing pressure from illegal logging and drug trafficking at home. After the native people made initial contact with the Ashaninka on June 26, a team from Brazil's National Indian Foundation traveled to the area and filmed a second encounter on June 30, according to news portal G1. The people, identified as members of a group known as the Rio Xinane, at first emerged only briefly and then returned to the forest, said FUNAI official Carlos Travassos. "They described being attacked by non-native people and many died after coming down with the flu and diphtheria," he told G1. Anthropologist Terri Aquino said the group had probably come in search of axes, knives, and pots. "This is a people looking for technology. It's important in their lives because there's an internal war among them and because of contact with non-indigenous groups," he said. FUNAI said the group had returned from the forest after their initial visit because they had contracted the flu. A government medical team was sent to treat seven from the group. Rights group Survival International said the episode was extremely worrying, because influenza epidemics have wiped out entire tribes in the past.

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