posted at 03:51
Author: The Daily Muse
How to Cultivate Trust in Your Work Relationships
In The Speed of Trust, Stephen M.R. Covey suggests that trust is essential for a team to function effectively. As I found with Angela, because we didn't trust each other, everything took longer, felt harder and as a result, cost more - emotionally and financially. You might think, as I did long ago, that it's the other person's responsibility to trust you. Read on for their suggestions about how to increase others' trust in you and rectify your working relationships. People trust others who get stuff done, so when you don't do your job well - even just a portion of it - it's harder for people to trust you. When you aren't transparent about your intentions, you negate the others' ability to trust you. Trust grows when you show care and concern for others. If you're looking for ways to up your performance quotient, reduce your stress level and get more satisfaction out of your work, look for opportunities to build more trust with those around you.

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