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Author Name: Dina Spector
10 Most Important Things In The World Right Now: October 21, 2014
REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski The gloved hands of an army nurse are seen during a demonstration of an isolation chamber for the treatment of infectious disease patients, at the Germany army medical centre, Bundeswehr Clinc, in Koblenz Oct. 16, 2014. Turkey said it would facilitate the passage of Iraqi Kurdish to the Syrian town of Kobani to help fellow Kurds in the fight against Islamic State militants. The Ukrainian Army allegedly fired cluster munitions, weapons that can scatter hundreds of smaller bombs when fired, in Donetsk city in early October, according to The New York Times. "If confirmed, the use of cluster bombs by the pro-Western government could complicate efforts to reunite the country, as residents of the east have grown increasingly bitter over the Ukrainian Army's tactics to oust pro-Russian rebels," The Times writes. The statement comes shortly before talks are due to take place between student pro-democracy protestors and government officials. A new Ebola study predicts the spread of the virus, projecting that up to three infected people fly overseas every month from the three worst-hit African countries, The Wall Street Journal reports. Apple beat expectations revenue, earnings, and iPhone sales but sold fewer iPads than forecast. Kate Middleton is due to have her second child next April.

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