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Author Name: Lara O'Reilly
10 Things In Advertising You Need To Know Today, October 21
YouTubeYouTube and Lionsgate have co-created an original content series to promote "The Hunger Games"1. Here's how the Michelin Guide made a tire company the world's fine dining authority. Business Insider plots the unusual history of the Michelin Guide. Blackberry is looking to dial up the "Latent love" for the brand as it plots its comeback. Marketing Week has interviewed Blackberry's senior director of global brand marketing Robert Glen on how he is plotting the brand's turnaround. YouTube and Lionsgate have worked together to create a branded series to promote the "Hunger Games" franchise, according to AdAge. Starbucks is testing an order-ahead app, Adweek reports. Adobe has beaten Salesforce, Oracle, IBM and more to become the marketing cloud leader, VentureBeat reports.

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