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Author: Tracey Xiang, TechNode
Fri, 31 Oct 2014 02:50:42 +0000
3 years after opening up to Chinese developers, Tencent eyes global partnerships
Tencent's annual business partner conference has been rebranded as its "Global Partner Conference". Along with international partners, Tencent also plans to introduce hardware manufacturers and traditional offline businesses as new partners for its open platform. As of now there have been 2.4 million apps on MyApp, Tencent's Android app store, and five million developers using the Tencent platform, Mark Ren, Tencent COO, disclosed today. Tencent has released more than 10,000 programming interfaces in the past three years for developers to take advantage of its resources and huge user base. Third-party apps monetize on Tencent's platform through in-app offerings, the advertising network Guang Dian Tong. As of June 2014, 22 startups on Tencent's platform saw over RMB100 million monthly turnover, according to Dowson Tang, a senior vice president. Still, many Chinese developers are not satisfied with or trust Tencent, claiming it only helps apps that make big profits and that it takes too large a revenue share. Still more would like to, or have to, work with Tencent, given its more than 800 million monthly active QQ IM accounts and 439 million monthly active WeChat users in the domestic market and overseas.

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