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Author: BusinessNewsDaily
A Guide for Women Seeking Mentors
Of all the resources professionals have at their disposal, a mentor is arguably one of the most helpful. Strong mentorship can provide an advantage for any professional at any career level, but for female professionals, especially those in leadership positions, a mentor can make all the difference. Your mentor should ideally be someone who shares your professional outlook and perhaps has even accomplished the goals you hope to achieve. When you've identified someone you think might be a good mentor, avoid asking the person up front if he or she is willing to mentor you. While you may have identified someone who meets your requirements for an ideal mentor, that person may not necessarily serve as a great partner. "Know the person well before you ask him or her to become your mentor. Form a relationship first.Even if you think that the mentor you want is very knowledgeable, he or she might not necessarily be able to communicate effectively their knowledge." It's important to remember that a mentor does not play the same role in your professional success as a coach might. If a seemingly successful person is working at a job he or she secretly hates, it will show - and that person is probably not your ideal mentor.

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