posted at 22:00
Author: Jenni Ryall
An Entrepreneur Ate a Smart Pill to Show How to Track Your Data
Chris Koch ate a device inside a tablet at 12 p.m. local time on Monday as part of a competition to promote his business, Pop!, to prove you can keep track of your data anywhere. The word data these days normally freaks a normal punter out and has them reaching for the cloud, but this app allows you to be in total control of your information. Pop! doesn't own your data, it is simply stored on your phone within the app and can be wiped in a second's notice through the company's website. Protected by a PIN code, the app is a personal data wallet that allows users to auto-fill online forms with one click, while also keeping track of what companies and websites have access to your data. Contestant's data will be sent to the tablet inside Koch, who can be watched on a live stream as the tablet makes its way through his system. Koch underwent an x-ray on Monday, so users could see where the tablet holding their data is and make sure it remains safe. "We always wanted to take that concept to the world - so no one has to repeat that data over and over instantly again," Koch said. Koch said the app would appeal consumers, as the company doesn't store any data.

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