posted at 17:50
Author Name: Julie Bort
Andreessen Slams Krugman Over Amazon
He came out swinging in a recent column over Amazon's war with book publisher Hachette. The story goes: When Amazon wanted Hachette to give it a bigger percentage on the Hachette books Amazon sold, Hachette balked. So Amazon began doing things like delaying the delivery of Hachette titles, raising prices, and steering customers to other publishers. Krugman says Amazon is acting like a robber baron and suggests it must be stopped, just like the Standard Oil-era robber barons were stopped. Reessen took his shots at Krugman via the Genius website, a website backed by Andreessen's VC firm, that lets people annotate lyrics, articles, literature, etc. Krugman: ... in case you're wondering, yes, I have Amazon Prime and use it a lot. Reessen: Amazon is hurting America, but not enough for Paul Krugman to take on a little inconvenience by using other ecommerce sites. Krugman: So far Amazon has not tried to exploit consumers.

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