posted at 18:50
Author: Lance Ulanoff
Apple iPad Air 2: Thin, Beautiful and Powerful [REVIEW]
Holding the original iPad in one hand and Apple's new iPad Air 2 in the other, one can only marvel at the tablet progress Apple has made in a little more than four years. Despite all these changes, the iPad Air 2's body still looks a lot like the first iPad Air. The games looked and worked great on the original iPad Air and worked just as well - if not better - on the iPad Air 2. The singlecore score for the iPad Air 2 is only slightly better than that of the iPad Air. I could start viewing a webpage on Safari on the iPad Air 2, put the iPad down next to the MacBook Air and see a little icon on the desktop indicating that I had started an activity on my iPad and could continue it on the MacBook. The Apple iPad Air 2 is, without question, the best iPad Apple has ever produced. Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, in particular, is at least 60 grams lighter than the iPad Air 2, though the iPad Air is, at 6.1mm, thinner than the 7.8mm HDX. I do wonder if Apple's adherence to metal - even aluminum - is hurting them. If you're open to other platforms, you have to consider the Amazon Kindle HDX. It's a tremendous value and you likely won't notice all that you're missing, including Touch ID, Continuity, slo-mo video, AirPlay and AirDrop, a truly vast app store and Microsoft Word for iPad. Apple iPad Air 2 The Good.

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