posted at 21:50
Author: Pete Pachal
Apple Pay: The Real-World Test
At least that's the theory, but is it really that convenient? We decided to check out how Apple Pay works in the real world by adding cards from various banks and using it at a few retailers and services in New York City. Once I connected a scanned card to Apple Pay, the option to add one from my Apple ID disappeared. Apple Pay just needs the card info - you can either scan the card or input the information manually. Oddly, Apple Pay isn't able to scan vertical cards. Apple has deals with several banks that connect with Apple Pay, but the verification process can vary. I first took Apple Pay for a spin at one of Apple's named partners for Apple Pay, McDonald's. Before I could use Apple Pay, each clerk asked if I wanted to use my loyalty card. Retailers don't need to perform any kind of update to accept Apple Pay at stores; to them, it's just another credit card number.

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