posted at 06:50
Author: Barry Levine
Sun, 19 Oct 2014 13:00:53 +0000
Building on their lucky streak, Boomers can see digital health as their destiny
Even if Boomers were not the right age or mindset, it would make sense for health tech to target The Luckiest Generation simply because of market size. Suggested categories - which target Boomers now and in their coming years - include medication management, aging with vitality, vital-sign monitoring, care navigation, emergency detection and response, physical fitness, diet and nutrition, social engagement, and behavioral/emotional health. What kind of digital health do Boomers actually want? On a whiteboard during a brainstorming session in a startup, three broad categories of health gadgets and software - encompassing The Longevity Network's nine categories for 50+ - might seem most appropriate to this tempting Boomer market: fitness, health and disease management, and age management. Only about 13 percent of Boomers report that they are in excellent health, compared to nearly a third for their parents at the same age. Boomers differ from younger people with health concerns in how they expect to receive their digital health/disease management. Many gadgets, of course, don't need to provide health management, but can be one-trick ponies for monitoring specific health factors important to the kinds of health conditions common in Boomers - diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure among them. Miniaturized health sensors and remote doctor calls are not only critical to monitoring the health of elderly people, but they may well prove critical to the ability of American and other societies to cope with the tilt toward older populations that is being driven by Boomers.

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