posted at 20:50
Author Name: Michel Comte
Canada raises terrorism alert after soldier killed
The assailant in Monday's attack was identified as 25-year-old Martin Couture-Rouleau, who was briefly detained at a Canadian airport last July when he sought to fly to Turkey, federal police said. Police did not have enough evidence to charge him with seeking to join a terrorist group abroad and released him. Couture-Rouleau smashed his car into the two soldiers in a supermarket parking lot before fleeing with police in pursuit. Police said he then crashed his car into a roadside ditch and rolled it over. Quebec police said Couture-Rouleau may have stalked his victims, waiting for them in his car in the parking lot for more than two hours. Federal police said the suspect "Was known" to the state's anti-terrorism task force. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner Bob Paulson said he had been identified as someone who "Might commit a criminal act for terrorist purposes." She said police were in touch with Couture-Rouleau's imam and other community members to try to reach out to the man.

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