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Author: The Associated Press
CDC Releases Revised Ebola Gear Guidelines
It's not clear exactly how or when the two nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital became infected. Hospital officials have said they were following CDC guidance while caring for Thomas Eric Duncan. "The bottom line is the guidelines didn't work for that hospital," said CDC director, Dr. Tom Frieden, in announcing the revision. He said the latest advice offers an "Extra margin of safety" and is better suited to U.S. hospitals where more high-risk procedures may be used. The CDC cannot require hospitals to follow the guidance; it's merely official advice. Duncan went to the hospital on Sept. 25 but was not tested for, or diagnosed with, Ebola. Duncan's case led to the monitoring of about 50 people who came in contact with him before his second trip to the hospital, and dozens of health care workers who cared for him after his admission. An American doctor who was being treated for Ebola in in Atlanta since early September was released from Emory University Hospital on Sunday.

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