posted at 17:50
Author: Andrea Romano
Doctor Who Episode 9 Recap: Terror in Two Dimensions
As the Doctor remains inside the TARDIS to figure out what is going on, Clara sets out to investigate the area outside. The sight of the Doctor's giant face in its tiny doors is endlessly amusing, especially since the Doctor is not one to be cooped up for too long. Clara, now posing as the Doctor, meets up with Rigsy again. Clara stops him by finally introducing him to the real Doctor, in his tiny, unexplainable TARDIS. To fight back, the Doctor has invented a new gadget, a "De-flattener," which he calls the "Two-dis." The Doctor does dad jokes now. With a train speeding toward him, the Doctor takes Clara's advice and pulls himself to safety, "Like Addams Family." Despite all his effort, the TARDIS tips back onto the tracks and he scrambles to pull a large lever. Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor gives what he believes to be his final goodbye, unsure if Clara will even hear it. She has constantly been made out to be the grounded, moralistic voice for the Doctor, but when push comes to shove, it seems they really aren't that different - except that the Doctor more clearly recalls the cost of victory.

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