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Fewer Chinese couples want second child than expected: media
Authorities had expected the change to result in more than two million extra births a year, but out of more than 11 million couples eligible, only 700,000 had applied for permission by the end of August, the China Daily newspaper said, citing the National Health and Family Planning Commission. China has a population of 1.36 billion, the National Bureau of Statistics said in January, but its working-age population fell by 2.44 million last year. The lower-than-expected desire to have more children might reflect changing perceptions of reproduction, particularly in cities, said Lu Jiehua, a demography professor at Peking University, according to the report. The new policy mostly affects couples in urban areas, where the family planning policy has been implemented more strictly than in the countryside. Education and housing are expensive in cities, and reliance on children in old age is lower, making multiple offspring less necessary. Chinese academics have called for an across-the-board two-child policy to be introduced to tackle emerging labour shortages. China's birth limit policies have at times been brutally enforced, with authorities relying on permits, fines, and, in some cases forced sterilisations and late-term abortions. Beijing says the policy prevented food shortages and laid the foundations for the country's recent economic growth.

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