posted at 19:50
Author: Adario Strange
Google and Others Sink $542 Million Into Mystery Virtual Reality Venture
Search giant Google, along with several other interests, just invested more than half a billion dollars in a mysterious venture called Magic Leap, a company that, based on various reports, is working on technology focused on the virtual reality and augmented reality space. The mega-investment round follows early buzz last week that Google was preparing to sink cash into the company, which calls what is does "Cinematic reality," a term the company has trademarked. In the same statement, Richard Taylor, co-founder of the digital effects house Weta Workshop, best known for its works on the Lord of the Rings films, gushed about Magic Leap's technology. "What Rony [Abovitz] and the Magic Leap team have created is nothing short of remarkable and will forever change the way we interact with images and information," said Taylor, who is now on Magic Leap's board of directors. What we know so far, based on reports, is that the company uses "Dynamic digitized light field" technology to accomplish the supposedly unique display dynamic, and it may involve glasses of some sort. Despite the company's secrecy, all signs point toward Magic Leap being launched as a platform rather than as a distinct commercial product. "I want Magic Leap to become a creative hub," wrote Abovitz, "For gamers, game designers, writers, coders, musicians, filmmakers, and artists." Until we actually get a look at it, we can only rely on the enthusiasm represented by the new investment, which values the company at around $2 billion, as an indicator that Magic Leap may live up to its name.

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