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Author: Sandy Carter, IBM
Wed, 22 Oct 2014 05:30:04 +0000
Innovating at the speed of cloud, in less than a New York minute
The New York City tech ecosystem generates approximately 541,000 jobs, $50.6 billion in annual compensation, and $124.7 billion in annual output. Measurence, based in New York's booming Flatiron District, uses a cloud-development platform to power its analytics and intelligence solution so that brick-and-mortar retailers can quickly gauge valuable metrics just by sensing the smart devices customers carry - such as their phones or wearable fitness devices - providing insight into customer foot traffic, loyalty, time spent in the store, frequency of customer visits, and more. Another example is data-science startup 8 Path Solutions, which is based on New York's Upper West Side and founded by two born and raised New Yorkers, who are also the products of New York public schools and universities. New York City's tech market is an object lesson in how you can sustain and nurture such a creative, entrepreneurial and thriving technology culture and embrace market disruptions and dynamically changing industries as an opportunity, rather than a death knell. In a unique public private partnership with IBM and venture capital firm Gust, Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration and the New York City Economic Development Corp. NYC, a cloud-based platform that brings together all the resources emerging-tech companies need to launch a new business, including news, jobs, workspaces, resources, and technology education. You might notice a trend here: The city of New York builds strategic, public-private partnerships with some of the city's most influential and innovative tech players. At the same time, we must always look forward as things can shift in a New York minute.

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