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Iraqi peshmerga groups link up in Turkey border town: AFP
A convoy of peshmerga fighters carrying heavy weaponry and travelling by road arrived in the Turkish border town of Suruc after a painstakingly slow journey across Turkey, the reporter said. There they were met by a second group of Iraqi pershmerga who had arrived by air in the region's main city of Sanliurfa in the early hours of Wednesday and then moved on to Suruc to await their comrades. It was still unclear when the fighters would cross the Turkish border to join the fight for the mainly-Kurdish Syrian town of Kobane against Islamic State jihadists. They were waiting in a storage facility in Suruc, 10 kilometres from the border, which was heavily guarded by Turkish security forces who were not allowing media to approach close. It took the road convoy some 24 hours to make the around 400 kilometre journey from the Iraqi border to Suruc, held up along the way by crowds of Turkish Kurds who greeted their arrival. A contingent of fighters from the anti-Damascus regime Free Syrian Army early Wednesday also entered Kobane, boosting hopes the jihadists could be defeated in the battle for the town.

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