posted at 20:50
Author Name: Nicholas Carlson
LIVE: Tim Cooks Interview At WSJD
We're at WSJD Live, and Apple CEO Tim Cook is on stage being interviewed by Gerard Baker of the Journal. 11:25 PM Cook is talking about whether Apple has businesses beyond the iPhone to get excited about. 11:26 PM Cook says Apple didn't announce a product when it announced. 11:31 PM Cook says it's hard to predict how long the Apple Watch battery will last. 11:33 PM Once again, Cook is talking about how TV is stuck in the 1970s. 11:42 PM Cook responds to criticism that Apple doesn't pay enough taxes. Cook says Apple is the largest tax payer in the US. Paid $7 billion last year. 11:49 PM Cook says it will take a major event for people to wake up to how other companies are invading their privacy.

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