posted at 23:50
Author: Chris O'Brien
Mon, 20 Oct 2014 06:41:50 +0000
Marissa Mayer to outline the new new new turnaround plan for Yahoo
Yahoo is apparently set to embark on a new phase of its never-ending turnaround. During its earnings call on Tuesday, chief executive Marissa Mayer will outline new cost-cutting plans as well as a new acquisition strategy as the company comes under intense pressure from an activist investor, according to the Wall Street Journal. The question now: How much longer does Mayer have before she must show some progress? The latest turning of the screws comes courtesy of Starboard, an activist investor that announced it took a stake in Yahoo last month. In a letter to Mayer, the investor asked Mayer to cut costs and consider a merger with AOL. According to the Journal, now that Mayer has a neat $5.8 billion from the Alibaba IPO, she's on the hunt for some big fish that could change Yahoo's fortunes. Since Mayer became CEO in July 2012 of the perpetually struggling Internet company, she's made a string of acquisitions, most notably snapping up Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Nothing seems to have awoken Yahoo from a decade-long coma in which it has neither managed to find a way to grow, but has also not completely collapsed.

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