posted at 17:50
Author: Tom Cheredar
Tue, 21 Oct 2014 00:00:13 +0000
More yoga, less pizza: How tech startups are getting workers to care about their health
Employees who make a conscious decision to stay healthy may find it's a heck of a lot harder if their employers aren't on the same page. Take for instance WellShift, a startup that gives companies and other organizations an "Easy button" for launching wellness services that employees will actually use. "For the cost of a pizza party most companies throw to reward employees, they could be offering free yoga classes four or more times a month," WellShift founder Melanie Weinberger told VentureBeat. "Before taking on a company as a client, WellShift will do a health assessment of all their employees to find out what matters most to them and what kinds of classes they'd be most likely to take advantage of," she said. Wearable health tech startup EveryMove wants to change that by mixing activity-tracking gadgets and games to make employees healthier. You're utilizing gadgets and services employees are already using, and working to reward people for staying healthy. When you attach real rewards as motivation, I'd imagine you'll have far more employees willingly signing up for and actively participating in wellness programs. Companies willing to spend a little bit of money on services like those offered by WellShift and EveryMove may find that it's much easier to get their employees to participate.

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