posted at 04:50
Author Name: James Cook
New York Times And Axel Springer Invest In Dutch Startup Blendle
BlendleTwo of the world's biggest publishers have invested $3.8 million in a small Dutch startup that is working to introduce micro-payments for news articles behind paywalls. Blendle is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands' fourth-largest city. It's a website and app that lets readers pay for individual articles for major publishers, instead of having to pay a monthly subscription. Blendle is only available in Holland for now, but the startup's founders say they're going to use the new funding to roll it out across Europe. Blendle's founders aren't new to the world of journalism. Blendle has already proved popular with European publications: All major Dutch magazines and newspapers have joined the service, a tour bus filled with Finnish editors arrived at their office, and German publishing giant Axel Springer invested alongside the New York Times. Axel Springer is currently waging a public war of words against Google in Europe. The publishing company's chief executive, Mathias Döpfner, says that companies are "Afraid of Google." Earlier this month the company won a victory against Google after the search engine giant agreed to remove snippets and thumbnail images form German newspapers in European search results.

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