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No end in sight for Hong Kong protests after talks
The comments are a blow to the city's Beijing-backed leaders who had expressed hopes for fresh rounds of talks after meeting face-to-face with students on Tuesday night for the first time. The negotiations are widely seen as the only way to end nearly a month of protests calling for full democracy in the southern Chinese city without a police crackdown or further violence. The first formal talks on Tuesday night made little headway with students calling the government "Vague" in its commitment to finding a genuine compromise. Protesters plan to march from their main camp to the residence of Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying at 1.30pm. Both sides are at loggerheads over how the city's next leader should be chosen. Protesters want to nominate and vote for candidates in 2017. Beijing ruled in August that only those vetted by a loyalist committee would be allowed to stand - something protesters dismiss as "Fake democracy". Observers hope the talks, which were abruptly cancelled earlier this month and then resurrected after recent outbreaks of violence between protesters and police, will help find some sort of face-saving compromise for both sides. If talks are abandoned, many fear a return to violent scuffles seen late last week that saw dozens injured after protesters battled with police as they tried to clear barricades.

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