posted at 21:50
Author: Sandra Gonzalez
Once Upon a Time recap: Fantasia gets a big twist
First, after Emma asks Hook out on a proper date, he decides he needs to get rid of his metal body part. At least we get to see Hook and Emma make out after he walks her home first. After Hook tries to get his hook back, Rumple strikes a deal since only his magic can remove it again. Hook says he'll do "Whatever it takes," which ends up being following the magic broom from Fantasia to the former sorcerer's apprentice's house. Hook holds him down while Rumple steals away his magic and sucks the man into the box's mystical hat. When Hook tries to re-blackmail Rumple about his dagger, it doesn't work. Rumple doctors the security tape from their little trip to the old man to make it look like it was all Hook. What did you think of Emma and Hook's date? Are you itching for more Frozen action, or more screen time for Regina? Tell us below.

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